What Happens if I Stop Paying My Timeshare?

Timeshare foreclosure and your credit scoreThis question comes up a lot on timeshare forums and blogs, and it can be complicated depending on the exact procedures outlined in your particular contract. There are a few main points that stay the same regardless of whether you have a deeded timeshare or right-to-use, and whether or not you have paid off the entire amount of the timeshare. The following is a description of the steps that will take place if you decide to throw in the towel and allow your timeshare to go into default, leading to timeshare foreclosure.

Timeshare is treated equal to real estate in the eyes of the law, and it follows the same rules and regulations as a homeowners deed. Your timeshare can foreclose in the same way as your home if you stop making payments – and this does not just mean payments on the principal balance, it also includes yearly maintenance fees. After your first missed payment, whether it be a monthly payment on the principal balance or your maintenance fees, you will start receiving calls from your timeshare resort’s collection company attempting to collect a payment. You will also receive information by mail detailing the amount due, including any applicable late fees, and their intentions on reporting your delinquency to the IRS.

The harassing telephone calls and letters will continue if you choose to not pay the balance due on your timeshare, and after anywhere from 6-24 months (this is dependent on the procedure of your resort company) your timeshare company will begin foreclosure proceedings on your timeshare. Timeshare companies will try to avoid this at all costs because a foreclosure means they have to take the property back and pay legal fees for the proper paperwork to be processed. I have heard instances of resorts offering to lower the amount due on the principal, changing contacts to make maintenance fees due only every 2 years, adding extra perks into your vacation package such as extended stays, rental cars, airfare, and sometimes even offering to forgive the amount owed if the two parties can reach a suitable agreement for payments to continue.

What happens if I stop paying for timesharesIf your timeshare does go all the way through the foreclosure proceedings you will be notified by mail that your deeded timeshare will be part of a trustee’s sale or public auction. At the given date, time and place your timeshare will be sold at a sheriff’s auction to the highest bidder. The auction is public record and the transaction can be recorded and reported to the IRS and credit bureaus, effectively ruining your credit for the next 7 years. This strike on your credit score can make it difficult to finance a car, obtain a loan or even buy a home. Since timeshares rarely sell at auction for the amount owed on the deed, the timeshare resort company has the option to take legal action and sue you for the remaining balance owed.  Read more on timeshare foreclosure and credit scores in the post – Timeshare Foreclosures and Your Credit Score

Timeshares can be hard to wiggle out of, but most anything is better than letting the property foreclose and take a major hit on your credit score – especially if you are anticipating a major purchase in the near future. Timeshare foreclosure should be your last resort if there is absolutely no way you can make the monthly or yearly payments. It is wise to contact your timeshare resort if you are having financial difficulties and anticipate missing a payment, some properties will even offer to take your timeshare back under some circumstances; some resorts will also offer a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. You will also want to check out possibly donating your timeshare if the principal amount is paid off in full – this is not an option if you still owe money on a loan.

Helpful Timeshare Foreclosure Links:

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Timeshare Foreclosure and Your Credit Score – http://rcivip.com/timeshare-foreclosures-and-your-credit-score/

Alternative Timeshare Sales Options – http://rcivip.com/alternative-timeshare-sales-options/

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  1. Hello, Really need some advice please.
    We live in England & have been pressured into buying a timeshare in Tennassee while on holiday in vegas.
    Timeshare company that miss sold to us is Eldorado Resorts (based at Grand view hotel, vegas) They gave us misleading info & everytime we said no, we couldn’t afford it, they would push harder until we caved in & was escorted to where you sign. Awful experience.
    We have paid the fee in full, on the day as they got us to take out a loan. (although we now have debt on our credit card).
    We are willing to take a loss on this money but want the contract cancelled & no one seems able to help. (UK solicitors, USA solicitors etc)
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    If we stop paying annual maintenance fees, will debt collectors be able to take the very little money we do have? Or even our home?
    Will this affect UK credit scores?
    Will the timeshare people have to foreclose if we don’t pay maintenance?
    We are so worried, any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi guys,

      I took some advice from someone on this thread from a few years ago. I was so relieved to read it, so i followed it to the tee. My wife & I had an Orange Lake timeshare. We, like you paid the timeshare loan by using my credit card so as far as timeshare mortgage was concerned we had paid up. We regretted every moment of that purchase for 5 years or so until we agreed that the maintenance fees were unjust and rising exorbitantly. So what did the person on the thread advise???


      So we didn’t. We haven’t looked back…

      Yes, they still call my phone. I don’t answer and block their number in my contacts. Then they call a few weeks later on another number. 3 years on they are still trying to call but they ring 3 times and then hang up which tells me they are just going through the motions. They aren’t going to take me to court somehow over maintence fees. I won’t be black listed anywhere or banned from America. It simply won’t happen.
      In England if you buy a car but don’t pay it gets repossessed, same for a house, same for an American timeshare.
      The reason it’s so hard to find any legal advice online about getting out of timeshares is because it’s not been greatly tested.

      Imagine the scenario, they take you to court and win (Which will never happen due to the lies they tell to get you to buy it), you pay the fine and then what? Pay next years fees too? Hell no. It would be a continuous loop of non-payment until they agree to close the agreement. Not paying for something isn’t illegal. You can’t go to prison for it. It’s a civil matter. It won’t even happen

      Anyway, whatever scenarios are running through your mind just STOP IT NOW!!!


      Ignore every piece of correspondance.

      I’ve had no one banging down my door and I very much doubt you will either.

    2. We too bought Eldorado Resorts timeshare and now have a mortgage of over $24,000 US. We live in Australia and repayments are being deducted from our credit card which is now being suspended and we will no longer able to make the monthly repayments to Eldorado. What are my options

  2. Hello all

    I currently have a time share at Grandview Las vegas and have never used it and do not intend to pay any more fees. I have just received a threatening reminder and would love to know if there is anyone else who owned at Grandview and what happened.

    looking forward to hearing from you. Keith

    1. I also own a timeshare at Grandview in Vegas. Never used it and owe fees. Have received statement, reminder emails and letters from them about the fees. Tired of paying the fees and noticed that they have also increased in price. Will keep you posted as time goes by.

      1. Hello Kathy

        Thanks for your mail. We have also received a mail threatening to pass us to “collections” but we have just ignored it. Will keep you posted.


      2. Aspen Collections has contacted with a notice as well as by phone for the maintenance fees for the Vegas resort. What will happen to us if we don’t pay this??? Will they attach our wages??? Does anyone know???

        1. Hi Kathy

          We too have a timeshare at Grandview paid quite a bit nothing owing now except for the past few year where I refused to pay the maintenance fees like you today we have received our first letter from Aspen just wondered what did you do and how did it go?


          1. Wondering what has been the outcome from you all. I’m in the middle of trying to get out of 2 timeshares after Grandview lied to us and we thought we were only had ONE timeshare….I’m thinking of cancelling our credit card that we have on file with them to make sure they can’t charge us anymore..

  3. We purchased a timeshare in April 2011 in Weston, FL thru RCI. We paid all our payments to Berkley every month until I lost my job at the end of 2014. We paid nothing in 2015 and we get calls, emails, letters, etc from RCI requesting payment and threatening collection/foreclosure if we do not pay. It has affected our credit and we are scared. I can no longer afford to pay them the monthly payment plus maintainence fees plus taxes. We love to hear if any one has experienced the same and what they did.


  4. what if i have a sampler and stopped making payment then i call them to make full payment and they say thwy canceled my loan and i have a 1300 dollar balance they dont want my money they want to put it in my credit report thats what i was told by diamond resorts rep what can i do?

  5. I am Canadian and my wife has a timeshare in the US. If we stop paying will that effect her ability to cross the border. Seems they use this as a scare tactic.

    1. I worked for a timeshare company for 15 years selling timeshare. I can tell you that you have options available to you to continue to vacation like a club member and not pay any maintenance fees or HOA fees. You would still be able to go to RCI etc. and book your vacation online with your membership and not ever having to worry wether you’re going to get the resort or location. I’m not sure how they do things in Canada but I know that not paying for your timeshare will not stop you from crossing the border in US. If you need more info just email me [redacted]

      1. Hi,
        I have a timeshare with Diamond Resorts (formerly pacific monarch) in Palm Springs, CA. I can no longer afford the HOA fees and they are threatening to f/c. My question is…other than being published how will this affect me? I was told by the resort financial folks that it is public information and other than that it will not affect me due to the actual timeshare being paid off. Do you know if this is accurate? Will there be a 1099? I don’t see how they can due to it being paid off but am concerned about just letting it go.

      2. I agree and have a Westgate time share and am going through similar problems and feel scammed…. My biggest question and concern is: If I “walk away and don’t pay” and let foreclosure happen on the time share can Westgate go after other properties I own? Im not worried about the credit scar, but am worried that liens can be put on my other property. Does anyone know the facts about how far they can go if you “Walk away and don’t pay”?

    2. This will in no way affect your ability to cross into the United States. Like with everything else, the timeshare weasels are liars.

      1. yes , the liars very polite yet..
        virtually they can, but, unlikely a house or a car, when you don’t pay towing coming and takes your car, you don’t pay property tax, or bank payment you get evicted..
        but they can not evict you what is not yours…

        just because someone shows a paper you have contract to pay weekly 1 million, do you think any judge would put you behind bars, because you can not pay weekly 1 million?

        folks get real, they have to foreclosure if you don’t pay… if they don’t do, then it shows their timeshare worth nothing..
        they might can affect your creditscore and you can not buy a washmaschine for payment..
        but when you buy a house, then your bank makes decision on your real life income.. not on credit report..

    3. I am wondering how this worked out for you I am in the same situation. I cannot afford to pay my timeshare anymore and am wondering what will happen to us since we are Canadian.

  6. I bought a timeshare in Malta over 15 years ago and no longer require it … I no longer live in the EU and have no plans to return … If I simply stop paying the maintenance fees, what can they do?

      1. Thanks … we contacted the timeshare people and they say we were lease holders (news to me) and that the lease express at the end of this year … so it will automatically revert back to whoever … if you are interested, it was with Pergola

  7. After about two years after stopping all payments we received a Foreclosure notice on our timeshare with Silverleaf. Then, after doing research online to find exactly how to (what format) file a Response/Answer to our Timeshare Foreclosure, quoting numerous breaches by Silverleaf against Florida Timeshare Statues, and including ALL the evidence we had showing Silverleaf lied, we sent it certified with a return receipt to their attorney and the court. About a week after sending the Answer to their Attorney and the Court, we received a Mutual Release and BOI to sign and have notorized. Silverleaf had at first sent along a Confidentiality Agreement, but they did not ask that we sign it and return, so we did not sign or return it. We did, however, sign and have the Mutual Release Agreement and BOI Deed notarized and returned to them. Then, we received an email from the court’s eservice “Notice of Dropping Party”.

    We feel that along with showing that we had requested a Mutual Release from the beginning, had evidence of their lies, and your link to ARDA Comment (stating from their own mouths that they do not usually foreclose, but prefer to have the consumer sign back over the Deed and that the timeshare companies have a monoply on the timeshare market-owners can’t sell or rent them), really convinced their lawyer to advise them to just have us sign the Mutual Release and the BOI Deed.

    In Addition,Please see the link with a Comment Letter from the Office of the Executive Secretary of Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection a formal letter written to ARDA:

    You may read the Comment Letter and utilize valid points that the letter contains.
    If anyone wants to use as samples just leave a comment. [email redacted]

    1. Oh I need your help i also have a timeshare with silverleaf I owed the maintanance fees I can’t keep up wits the payments as you know I’ve been lied to I even paid a company to sell my timeshare lost money there I don’t know what else to do what is your advice what’s my first step thank you in advance

    2. We need help to get a burden from Wesgate Town center in Orlando off our shoulders. We live in Quebec Canada.

      1. I also purchased through Westgate and am looking to get out please email me maybe we can help each other [redacted]

      2. I also purchased through Westgate and am looking to get out please email me maybe we can help each other [redacted]

        1. Hi, I have a westgate villa resort, in Florida already paid in full.
          But I’m old lady and retired, cannot anymore pay my maintenance fee which is every 2 years
          Can anyone help me how I can donate it to young families with children they can enjoy going to Disney world.
          Thank you ,

      3. I also purchased through Westgate and am looking to get out please email me maybe we can help each other [redacted]

      4. I also purchased through Westgate and am looking to get out please email me maybe we can help each other [redacted]

    3. My husband and I would love to ask you some questions if you were willing to help us out. We want out of this and have read the Texas Time share act and feel silverleaf has lied to us and kept information from us in order to sell us the timeshare (after beign harassed for over 6 hours by them,ofcourse). We were never told that the membership to the RCI was seperate to what we were buying and that we were going to need to renew every with RCI every year from our understanding that is something that was part of what we were buying, or that the association fees were going to be increasing every year, or all the restrictions we were going to have compared to people that have a better membership than us,which they later used as a catch to make us upgrade to a “better” membership so we didn’t have to deal with that, but, as it turns out theres an EVEN BETTER ONE that they tried to get us to upgrade to again!

      I had read of another case that did what you explain above but it was from like 6 years ago and seeing your comment gave me hope that this is still able to be done, i just want some guidance as to what steps to take before hand and what the process was like for you. I know it wont show my email here but if you could answer me thru here maybe we can find a way to contact eachother

    4. Hello, just found this post. I am six months into a contract. I am with Bluegreen. I have spoken with a lawyer about getting out of my contract. In her experience, she doesn’t take a case unless she can prove fraud. She also told me Bluegreen can’t do foreclosures because of a lawsuit won by the Finn Law Group. They can do charge offs. Do you know if they will do Mutual Release Agreement or BOI before getting to the threatening letter stage

    5. Would you be willing to share the format of the letter. My husband and I recently became victims of this timeshare scam at Vacation Village at Parkway in FL. We cannot afford to keep paying on something that we will never get full use out of. The high pressure sales tactics were unreal and the promises that were made that no one you talk to at the company have any knowledge of. I am actually due to pay the maintenance fee and I am trying to find a way out. Please help me. Thanks

    6. Actually, a foreclosure notice is a good thing as most states have non judicial rules. In non judicial foreclosures, no need to respond unless you want to dispute the timeshare foreclosure. And…why would you want to do that???

      California, Florida, South Carolina also have antideficiency laws. This means once they do a nonjudicial foreclosure, they cannot sue for any deficiency. In other words, all they get is their timeshare. I am not sure on all the states so you need to research it by the state you have your timeshare in.

      The ONLY thing I would respond to is a summons and complaint from the court.

      As for the above comment on Aspen Collections, they cannot garnish wages etc UNLESS they get a judgement in court. For that, you must be served. If you are served, respond to the complaint. Then, countersue for fraud and misrepresentation.

  8. What happens if I never finished paying the downpayment for a Mansannutten,Va timeshare.Can I cancel and jst lose the deposit or would i be liable for the whole 9000 +.

  9. Wow. This board has been up for a decade or so. I followed the mantra espoused by my fellow fraud victims in this board long ago “Don’t pay, just walk away”. And just to be clear, everyone here is a fraud victim.

    I walked away and stopped paying the outrageously jacked up fees on Bluebeard’s fraud scam long ago. Yes I was lied to and scammed by multiple parties all pretending someone else was responsible for the crime and they were just doing their job trying to innocently collect money from me. This is part of the scam. Multiple parties all claiming they bear no responsibility for the original fraudulent sale, and then pointing fingers at each other while they all work together to extort money via threats of credit score ruination.

    I have gone through four or five collection agencies, all of whom eventually gave up after I called their bluff and pointed out that you cannot redundantly try to collect on a previously disputed debt. This is the law according to the FTC. It would be great if our governments actually protected us by actually enforcing the laws on the books, but I guess our beloved leaders take bribes from the timeshare industry to look the other way while these crimes against our citizens continue unabated.

    The real point is that they cannot collect anything since it is based on an underlying fraud, which makes pushing the issue conspiracy to commit fraud. They are just playing percentages that enough people will give in and pay them something. Of course this is a terrible idea as it restarts the clock on the statute of limitations. I am long past the 7 years statute of limitation for collecting a debt, so now I just write nasty emails to the board members of Bluebeard’s, SPM Resorts, USVI Tax Assessor, and all the scumbag collection agencies they try to enfold into their conspiracy anytime they contact me in any way.

    It is so funny the crocodile tears they all shed when I call them on their criminal behavior. Yet these boards are all comprised of corrupt contractors and lawyers. These cowardly criminals hide behind their lawyers’ skirts and cause damage from afar. One can only hope they all die horribly and meet an angry god once the earth is free of their vile existence.

    Since there is little one can do about them, all one can do is just follow the manta and wisdom of those who have come before you in this group. That motto is: “Don’t Pay, Just Walk Away!”.

    Remember – you don’t own anything. You mistakenly were forced into renting a mismanaged hotel room based on lies and fraud. Ignore these scum and get on with your lives. You’ll have to call credit agencies over and over and have these pings removed, but it will be worth it in the long run to have these villains expunged from your lives.

    Good Luck!

  10. What would be great is if someone could file class action lawsuits against these thieves who steal our money by making us pay crazy fees and ridiculous maintenance fees that they profit off of tremendously.

  11. I got suckered into buying a timeshare in 2009 at the grandview Las Vegas under the Berkley group on a mortgage and annual maintenance fees. I stopped paying the maintenance fees 3 years ago and mortgage in April which was on a continuous card payment on a card that had expired. I today received a letter from a collection agency who are demanding payment. I live in the UK ans have no plans to pay them or anyone else any more. Is it likely they can pursue the debt still and will I be offered a deed in lieu?

      1. Hi Guys I to purchased a timeshare at Grandview las vegas about 8 to 9 years ago and have been paying the year maintenance fee but never use it and get nothing for it looking at the dates you had on your post a bit of time has gone by can you guys let me know how you went as I really dont want to pay this years fees , any help appreciated

  12. Hi I live in Canada. My husband and I was in Mexico and get scammed to get this 10 years trial package of Pura Vida Life Styles (Sunset Group of hotels). I did not know about the 5 days rescind time. In our contract it says that I can cancell anytime but I cannot get my money back as a penalty. I send e-mails and registered letter of cancellation after 10 days. Today I received a call, they are offering me to add $380US (too add to the $500US) that we gave when we signed the contract, they said they will give me 5 days & 4 nights all-inclusive stay in Cancun plus they will cancell my contract. If I don’t take the offer..they will forward my letter to their legal department and the promisory notes will be in effect that I have to pay the rest of the money I owed. If I don’t pay anything, I can get out of it right. It’s even written in the contract that it will be cancelled after 3 non payments. But the collection agency cannot force me to pay? We are planning to buy a house in 2 years time. Anybody can give advice?

    1. First of all, check your own credit in Canada and see if anything about this purchase has shown up. If this debt is not on your credit report, it is not likely that they can take action if you stop paying them. If you want to take them up on their offer to pay them extra, take the vacation, and then have the debt cancelled, make sure you get all terms in writing first, and then run them by a lawyer.

    2. Hi I bought a timeshare from Sunset group also.
      Did you solve it?
      About stop paying any problem regarding this?

  13. These dirtbags have gone far enough. Now they sent a collection notice to my father’s house in my name (Jr.) and he called me wanting to know what was going on. I told him don’t worry about it and explained what it was and that this was the only way to get out of it. The last collection letter they sent said “per your request” They think people are dumb enough to call them and tell them they made no such request. So far it’s no on my credit report, but if it shows up that’s fine. I won’t pay a penny. I will only submit a deed in lieu with no fee or they can foreclose. I would rather be homeless than pay them a penny more.

  14. My wife and I purchased three separate contracts with Hilton.My wife died in February and without her income I can no longer afford payments let alone maintenance fees. It looks like I have to default and file bankruptcy. I spend $1600 a month mortgage payment and over $5000 a year maintenance fee. I’m on the hook to Hilton for $100,000. That’s without the maintenance fees.It sucks I’ve worked hard all my life to make life better for other people.Now I get to lose it all because of Hilton and their refusal to work with me in any way. If anyone can help I would sure appreciate it.

    1. Just stop paying, and stop worrying about it, there is no other way. Save your hard earned money and never pay these thieves again. Don’t talk to them, they are the devil. They don’t care about you or what happens to you. They are like the Mafia but they can’t kill you so live happy and ignore them, never answer a call from them, never respond to a bill again. There is nothing else you can do. They would rather see you living on the streets, and you will be if you keep paying them. You made a mistake, wake up.

    2. Hello Brian sorry to hear you are going through the same thing I am. I have contacted the title company and ask them for a hardship because my husband lost his “job”. We was frustrated because they lied about the maintenance fees which was another monthly cost. The title company said they would put our past payments in the rears and we can pay the attorney fees because the timeshare had went into default. How come they didn’t tell us about this program I have NO idea I had to ask. Now I’ve been trying to make my $1500 payment for 2 days and my rep isn’t answering the phone and the manager stated he’s been really really busy. The Hilton is not UPfRONT ABOUT THE MAINTENANCE Fees with clients which they should be because when you say I can only afford one price that’s usually what you mean.

      Although I do love HILTON GRAND VACATION CLUB properties – I have 4 boys, the title and mortgage company are Frauds and the Hilton shouldn’t do business with someone that practice this unethical behavior.

      If anyone know how I can create a “Class Action Law Suite” please advise.

  15. We signed an agreement in Las Vegas on July 1, 2015. 13 days after we found out that our 4k points is not enough to take a vacation of our desired destination. During the presentation, the salesman showed this beautiful resort and the pricelist for 4k points. Of course, you will think that is the equivalent points for the said resort. We calculated based on the maintenance fee and the number of days we will get which is 20 days, and the cost per night would be very cheap . We were under impression the reason for this is because we will buy 4k points $15,000.00. He also suggested that we can sell the other points to family members to cover the cost of our maintenance fee. Now, we found out that we are not qualified to avail that beautiful resort in Mexico that he bragged to us unless we have to buy more points. We also found that it would be easier, cheaper and hassle free to book a resort for non-members than being a member. We emailed, faxed and sent letter that we are canceling the agreement and would like our deposit to be refunded to us. They sent a letter saying we are outside our rescission period. Is there a way to back-out on this deal as there was a misrepresentation and we cannot share the points to family members because our points is only good for 7 to 10 days. We just want our deposit be returned We have not use the vacation giveaways they gave us and the $ 150 visa card and we are willing to return those to them just to get out of this agreement. We are in the stressful situation for almost 10 days now thinking how to get out of this almost 2 weeks now and can’t believe they have fooled us.

    1. Hello i was reading your post and i believe we purchased the same scam share in nov 2015 and now we want out! I’m so disappointed because they lied to us also. I’m wondering what you ended up doing to get out of this fraudulent bad business. Please email me [redacted]

      1. Hi Teresa and Crystal, Did you guys purchased the timeshare at Grandview at Las Vegas. If yes, please email me at [redacted] because I’m a victim of lies from them too. just signed the contract on January 11,2016????

  16. My mother purchased a time share 20 years ago and paid it off – she deeded the property to me a few years ago – I don’t want it and I stopped paying the maintenance fees – I have now been turned over to collections – how can I be held responsible – I didn’t sign a contract with anyone – so how can I be held responsible? Anyone have any answers?

    1. You are responsible because it was deeded to you, now it’s yours, the only way to get rid of it is to never pay these thieves one penny ever again.

  17. Please warn everyone you know to run if they hear the name Westgate or the word Timeshare.

    It is not an asset you are buying, you are buying a debt. A neverending debt that they try to pass on to your heirs.

    These timeshares are criminal in nature. They are worthless and you have to keep paying forever.

    Not only that, but they make it almost impossible for you to use and you are paying for nothing. If you can use it they will tell you that you have to go to one of their other properties so that they can charge you several hundred more dollars in added fees.

    Oh and maintenance is bout $1000 for a week. That’s $52,000 a year for a property that is only worth $150,000 or less, where a mortgage would only cost $1000 a month.

    These timeshare dealers are crooks and the only reason they are allowed to keep this scam going is because they are in the pockets of the government by giving donations. In fact the founder and owner of Westgate bragged that he was the one that stole the election from Al Gore so that Bush could win.

    1. I agree about Westgate and am going through similar problems and feel scammed…. My biggest question and concern is: If I “walk away and don’t pay” and let foreclosure happen on the time share can Westgate go after other properties I own? Im not worried about the credit scar, but am worried that liens can be put on my other property. Does anyone know the facts about how far they can go if you “Walk away and don’t pay”?

  18. Hey guys I’m hoping you can help me or reassure me of my situation, here goes!

    In august 2014 during my honeymoon in Hawaii I went to Wyndham and the wife and I was fed unicorns and rainbows until we gave in. We purchased a timeshare for $13k on a payment plan if paid 1k up front… They really wolf of Wall Street us looking back on their tactics and all the lies we were fed… Unfortunately when I came back from my honeymoon I did some research and discovered it was a scam… I found this page back then and did what bald spot recommends and not give them a single cent 🙂 it is now in collections who want 4k to give the deed back to them. They told me they have 60 days to work something out with me before it goes into foreclosure process… I really could care less about my credit and it’s taken a hit because of this (was to be expected) but I refuse to feed a scam as we all work so hard for our money to feed into a scam. Now I guess what I’m asking in my situation luckily only being out 1k, do I continue to stop paying or try and work it out with the collections.. I am kinda weiry of them freezing accounts to collect a debt and so on. I’ve heard instances of this happening.. After the 60 days with collections and I continue to not pay and goes through the foreclosure process what penalties will I incur and is that the best course of action? Please somebody hit me with some knowledge! Thanks guys!!!

    1. My elderly parents were sucked in by those Wyndham fookers, taking out a home equity loan of $90,000 to buy into this crud. Now they are on the hook for $800 PER MONTH in maintenance fees. They may think that me, my brother and three sisters want this garbage when they pass on, but to us it’s Kryptonite. They didn’t bother talking too us about it first, they just went ahead and did it. And they refuse to dump it, despite the fact that they can no longer fly or drive long distances. So when they’re gone, all that will be left is a bunch of rotten debt.

    2. Hi there

      My husband has the same issue with orange lake. Thankfully we are coming to the end now. The trick is to stop paying….. That will be the only way they will listen or try to haggle you. He stopped his payment in January and also owes the maintenance due in Feb. he had a letter a few weeks ago that they were going to foreclose and that he would be liable for legal costs. Then yesterday he had call from them offering to wipe to debt and start fresh, he declined of course and they then offered to send him a doc for him to sign the deeds back over to them! Perfect option. No foreclosure, legal fees or bad credit. We are waiting for the forms to arrive and then he will be free!

        1. So I am curious…its now Feb 2016, did you get the documents and no further harassment? We also want to get out of our Orange lake property and we are curious..
          If you could let us know that would be fantastic

    3. I want to thank everybody in this group!!! I stopped paying and sure enough I signed over the docs back to them… Easy as that!!! It was a stressful road but is all over now!

  19. Our situation is a little different, we bought a timeshare and have used 10 weeks. We were late on our maintenance fee and did not receive any notice other than an email (in the spam folder) and a letter in the mail (not certified) saying we had to pay in 30 days
    When we paid online our payment did not process. when I inquired with the customer service they said our contract was cancelled. Can they do this when our 40 weeks are paid in full and we have only used 10?

    1. Are you kidding, if it was cancelled, thank your lucky stars, if you can get out of it you are so lucky. People have paid thousands and are stuck with never ending maintenance fees.

  20. GP: Asks What Happens Under California Law?
    Hello, we bought a time share in the Lake Tahoe area many years ago, since this is in California I would like to know what happens if I stop paying the yearly maintenance fee which now has climbed to over $400.00 . I am retired and living on my pension and SSI. The Time Share was paid in full many years ago. The main point I would like to point out is they never made it clear about the maintenance fee nor did they make it clear regarding the rescinding time. I don’t want to give another dime to these crooks. We used the time share once many years ago. Any help or information would be most grateful.
    Would appreciate a reply from Baldspot, or Robert and Ron?

  21. I also fell into their trap. I paid off the timeshare but don’t use it . I am refusing to pay the maintenance fees and I am wondering if I would be refused entry into the US as I am from Canada and bought the time share in Las Vegas?

    1. what happened to you? what did you find out we are in a similar situation our timeshare is paid in full but we are unable to afford the maintenance fees with a recent change in employment we are from Canada as well. We have tried to get the resort to take the deed back but they refuse.

  22. Hey I am 22 and got pressured to purchasing a timeshare of 7k but after financing came out to 12k. I was okay with it because our monthly payments will be 140 with tax an maintenance included. After a month we were called back for an oreintation and once we arrived it was another scam sales man tried to sell us a more expensive product of course I DECLINED! Following month my account was charged twice from silverleaf and it was 140 plus 34. I recently received a letter on the mail that Maintence will go up to 41.83! I told them not to automatically take out my account its sad because we were told the monthly charges will be 140 and that is with tax and maintenance! Now I am stuck paying a credit card that help with down payment of 700 and also the loan with the monthly charge of 140 I’ve only had ts since 1/28/2015 and it is now April and I’m ready to get out. I have good credit and sadden that this will affect my good credit. 🙁 any advice?! Please

  23. Hello,

    I bought at Playa del grande in Cabo July 2014. I’ve been told by a lawyer that because it’s a weeks rental system, it’s likely more of a contractual issue vs a property (I.e. foreclosure) thing meaning they could sue me and win judgement which would cost me money down the road and be on my credit report for ten years. Has anyone on this thread ever stopped paying in Mexico? I’m wondering if they take it to that level? Do they come to the us to sue over $5200? Thanks for any advice you can give!

  24. I have already paid the principal loan all I have is maintenance fees every other year I want to stop making maintenance payments how do I know if that will not ruin my credit? Please help! Thank you.

    1. I think they have the right to refuse it. Look into it, do not burden them with this devt. It’s not an asset, it’s a neverending horrible debt that tries to follow you even after you die.

    2. from what I understand they will seek out the person you put on your next of kin paperwork first. once you are deceased. they don’t ask you for any proof of relationship. if you don’t want to screw your family with it. you can go on google or mylife.com find that persons address who sold you the timeshare and leave it to them.

  25. i also bought a time share in orange lake florida and cant afford it anymore. i live in montreal canada and if i understand correctly,if i stop paying and endure the 6 months of harrasing calls thats it? ill get out of it?

    1. So was wondering if you stopped paying your timeshare and what was the outcome? I also but one with orange lake in Vegas and want to stop paying monthly and maintenance fees.

  26. I purchased a ts with Westgate a couple years ago. They just recently called to inform me that they need to deed my property to another location. Do this mean I am not responsible for payments since no property is deeded to me? Before this I attempted to use my property but the new owner management company has no record of my deed. What’s my options? I really don’t want it & can’t afford it anyway.

  27. Hi Robert,We got talked into attending a 45min. presentation 2014 at 9am which lasted close to 2hrs. We had no info. on TS at the time almost all info. provided was a misrepresentation, market does not support any of their claims, we know that now. We ended up signing the 16K contract at 6.30PM (Nevada)including a promissory note, after exhaustive high pressure sales pitch (8+Hrs). We missed the 5 day recission period and informed our intention to rescind the contract to all concerned after 10 days, even the president, but have no response so far except the mortgage lady who insists you signed all the papers after reading them. We were given about 10 to 15 min to peruse 52 page contract. During the tour of the facility we told them we do not understand this concept but all concerns were brushed aside. Before signing contract we asked it be reviewed by our lawyer, and were turned down saying the deal is good only for now. Too tired by then.We have paid only 10% down plus one instl. on mtg.. Despite cancelling the master card the mtg. co. used our account no. on the back of card and debited thru MC international. MC is now sending us dispute letter which needs to be sent within 10 day period. Based on MC’s conv. it seems they are more favoured towards the merchant. How do we stop the TS company now charging 17.9% interest on mthly mtg.installment.If we stop paying do TS have cross border jurisdiction to garnish/lien other properties in canada. How do we protect ourselves. No lawyer in Nevada is interested in TS claims. How do we go about protecting ourselves. How worse can it get?? At crossroads now.Please do not publish and respond via pvt. e-mail only. Much appreciate. Always have stayed on good side of law until now.

  28. My timeshares have been paid off for years. I have one with Williamsburg Plantation which is reasonable maintenance fees. The one I have with Diamond Resorts is horrible maintenance fees, not only to I get a bill from them but also the resort also. My husband passed away and it is just too difficult for me to pay these fees anymore. I stopped paying Diamond Resort in January when my fees were due. Now, they are threatening me with collection, that fast. If anyone can give mr advice, I would like the help.

    1. If it’s Los Abrigados in Arizona, write to them and ask for them to do a transfer of the deed back to them. It went over well for me and they took back my already paid deed. I just had to pay around 250 in fees.

  29. No new posts in a while it looks like but will give it a try. I have a Mexican timeshare, which seems to be a little different in that I bought a set number of weeks, and when they’re gone I’m done. So my questions is, do I still even have a deed with this type of timeshare? My timeshare resort was sold and has fallen into disrepair so I don’t think I’m going to pay the maintenance fees anymore (paid cash for the timeshare itself). Anything different in my case from what I see in the comments? Seems like about a 50:50 chance I’ll even hear from them again with only 15 weeks left on the original agreement – which they have not lived up to in many ways. Thanks for any info!

  30. I am truly sorry you all are going through this pain with your timeshares. I ALMOST got scammed as well. I had signed and paid in full with a credit card. Luckily I read the entire contract when I got back to my hotel to discover all the future costs and the amount of time to rescind and realized this adds up to much more than I am willing to spend on vacations regularly plus the hassle of the timeshare possibly not being available when I want to vacation. They even tried to tell me I couldn’t rescind but I knew better and I also alerted my credit card immediately and they were happy to assist in the event the credit did not get applied back to my account. I too know the importance of having a good credit rating as I have both credit and collection knowledge AND experience but I have to agree with Robert, Baldspot and bill. Don’t keep throwing good money into a costly and worthless timeshare. Unfortunately your credit will suffer for those who are young and need it but set the money aside to use for a larger down payment on a house if you plan to buy one. Banks still make loans to those with lower credit scores but require larger down payments and also charge higher interest rates to get the deal to go through but at least you can still own a home and refinance for a lower interest rate once your credit score increases. Here are some suggestions:

    1) STOP paying ANYTHING to the timeshare agency or collection agencies but expect to continue to receive collection calls and letters. DO NOT agree to pay anything or offer to pay anything. Not 1 cent.

    2.) Check the statutes of limitations for your state and the state you signed the agreement. Once the SOL runs out, they cannot collect. Even the IRS cannot collect a past debt if they have not collected anything within 10 years. (I just found this out recently.) Of course, the IRS could place liens on any property you own and confiscate them which would most likely happen before the 10 yrs expired plus they can garnish your wages. But once you make a payment, the SOL starts from that date like the previous posts have mentioned prolonging your pain and agony. For those of you living in other countries, you will have to check you own laws. Sorry.

    2)Write a letter to BOTH the timeshare company and the collection agency. Here is a possible sample letter as some of you have requested:

    “I have been unsuccessful in getting to use my timeshare because it is never available. I also have knowledge that the resorts are renting the rooms to people off the street or online before the owners of the timeshare has an opportunity to book their vacations. In fact, I am requesting a refund of all monies paid to this point plus interest.” (that will rock their world. :))

    (The comment about the resorts renting the rooms to people off the streets vs the timeshare owners is indeed a true statement as I was at a resort in Florida with a friend of mine who has a timeshare through Bluegreen and observed this firsthand. I personally asked the desk clerk why it was so difficult to find available rooms at the resorts and also why the ocean view rooms we requested never seem to be honored and she said they had no availability. But yet there were ocean view rooms VACANT while we were there!!! That is precisely why TS owners never get to book the resort or receive the rooms of their choosing. Why???? Because they keep these rooms available for non-timeshare owners and possible prospects so they can make more money. So not only are the resorts making money off of people that purchased the timeshares, they are doubling their money by renting the room that you have already paid for through your TS ownership to someone else. Is that messed up or what?? Correct me if I’m wrong, but this could be the legal loophole you all need to get out of your contracts. Of course, you would have to anonymously visit a timeshare, along with a witness, for your own proof not just take my word for it. If you have to, knock on the door of someone occupying an ocean view room and ask them if they have a timeshare there. If they say yes, you can ask if they had to pay more. If they ask why you are asking, tell them you are considering purchasing a TS and wanted to talk to current owners firsthand before you make a decision. If they say no, then you can apologize and leave. Keep in mind, they may be there for a seminar to BUY a timeshare and that is why they are in that room. But that will be proof enough. That’s how they trick people into buying a TS in the first place by giving them the best room so they think they will receive the same treatment once they buy but in reality, TS holders get treated worse than someone who booked the resort online or walked in off the street. If the ocean view room is booked by a TS holder, they cannot offer new prospects a free nights stay in their best room if they attend the seminar, now can they???)Think about it…

    3.) If your credit is already ruined because you have stopped paying already and you qualify, use the money to hire a lawyer and file bankruptcy. BUT, depending on your contract with the TS, you may still be responsible for maintenance fees that accrue after your filing. MEET WITH A BANKRUPTCY LAWYER BEFORE you decide on this option. He will need to review your contract to see if you will receive full relief and advise accordingly. Some TS are deeded, and some are only considered as lease or personal property interest. AGAIN, please get legal advise before you go this route and you shouldn’t have to pay the attorney unless you are indeed going to file.

    4.) Lastly, with all the social media available, post comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and ask them to share your posts, making others aware NOT to EVER buy a timeshare. Be sure to visit the timeshares website frequently and post comments about how you’ve Best of luck to you all in getting out of this situation.

    1. I have a bluegreen TS that is paid off and that I don’t use. I’m retired and don’t plan on ever applying for a loan so am not concerned about my credit rating. If I stop paying the maintenance fees and force them to foreclose, can they put a lien on my home or take money from my bank account? I also don’t usually get a refund from the IRS.

      1. Did you get an answer to this question? We have a Bluegreen property as well and need advice. The maintenance fees are doubling each year and we can’t afford it. Definitely not what wr signed up for. Biggest financial mistake we have ever made.

  31. You can read below several of my posts where I explained how I quit paying my maintenance fee and eventually I was released from my contract without paying a single penny. That’s the only way to go as far as I am concerned.

    However, for those of you who are faint of heart, there MAY be another way. The bad news – it will cost you some money. (I don’t know how much.) The good news – they claim you don’t pay anything until they actually release you from your contract.

    This is not your typical scam where they take your money and then promise to sell your timeshare some day. Timeshare Exit Team does not sell your timeshare. They do something with the timeshare company that releases you from the contract.

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever pay BEFORE your contract is cancelled or sold!

    Somebody who is too scared to quit paying on your timeshare – go check out this Timeshare Exit Team and post here what you learn. We all want to know.

    1. I went to their website. This is what they say:

      Program Details

      A client manager will be personally assigned to each timeshare owner. The owner will be contacted directly via telephone within 1-4 days of signing up to set up a consultation with a client manager. A case file will be prepared which includes purchase contracts/agreements, an interview from the timeshare owner, and an authorization letter (among other pertinent materials needed to cancel the timeshare contract).

      The client manager will consult and advise the owner on strategy and direction taken to terminate the existing relationship with the resort. They will also explain to the timeshare owner how the process works, when they will be able to stop making payments to their resort, and when the ownership will be canceled. We guarantee the ownership will be canceled. We maintain a 100% track record to uphold our guarantee.

    2. Sounds like a scam to ms


      They post it on Ebay to resell it. Was someone really stupid enough to pay $6200 for it, doesn’t make sense. I posted mine an couldn’t see it for $100. Couldn’t give it away for free to my sister and she used it and enjoyed it twice.

      I can’t imagine what they can do or how that is not a scam.

      Sadly they prey on us because we made the mistake once and think we will forever be stupid,

      Just stop paying, take the credit hit if it happens, they can’t take your home or force you to pay for worthless debt.

  32. I stopped paying maintenance fees on a timeshare at Vistana (Florida). Eventually, they asked if I wanted to do a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure…. which I jumped at. They were very civilized about it, and it was simple to have notarized and send back. I don’t know if it’s on my credit report, but my credit score is still excellent.

    1. Lois,
      I am in a similar situation where I did not pay my maintenance fees for this year, have a deed that is already paid in full yet Vistana tells me that I did not qualify for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Would you recall with whom you dealt with as I am trying to get relieve myself of any future payments. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

      1. April, i just received a deed of foreclosure and they are asking me to pay $750
        did you pay the $995 they asked you for? how did everything go and what steps did you take ?
        Please advise
        Thank you

    2. Lois,
      Was your loan paid off? We just signed a contract with Westin/Vistana in 11/2016, too late when we discovered several misreps, lies & undisclosed details. They refused to cancel no matter what we say claiming they have done nothing wrong bec we signed everything. I paid a total of $11699 thru my Amex but have been disputing the charges and never paid a penny after. Now I see a “negative” remark on my Experian report & probably on my husband’s too. I feel so bad bec we really took care of our credit well, not 1 missed nor late payment. And now they will ruin it, just like that. These people are blood-sucking crooks! They only stopped calling bec I reported it to BBB and said that non-stop calling is equivalent to passive-aggressive harassment. But the bills are still coming. Can you tell me who you spoke with at Vistana?

  33. My husband and I bought a timeshare at Traders Inn Beach Club, Ormond Beach, FL in 1980 and have regularly paid fees as we were unable to sell. Last year my husband died and I can no longer pay annual maintenance fees. I wrote to the resort and sent them all our documents as they had told me previously they would accept the unit back. Now they have written to say they no longer accept units back and I am liable for the fees and late charges. The local tax office for the area states I can do a quit deed form and deed back to Traders Inn – is this possible without their permission ? What if I quit deed to someone overseas eg. India – would I still be liable for any fees ? or is the person in India liable ?

    1. Stop paying. They threatened me for a while and finally have left me alone. And my credit is unharmed. They just want to scare you in to paying. My bad experience was through west gate. After almost a year of not paying and ignoring me I got a form to deed back to them.

  34. we can’t afford our Westgate timeshare anymore. i have had two major surgeries in 2014, and we will not be using Westgate anymore. we don’t know if hiring a layer would be the best thing to do. our timeshare has been handed over to a collection agency. they wouldn’t let us sell it, or help us in anyway. they told my wife they would foreclose on our house, which was a lie.

    1. I read on a message board last year where a man just quit paying and it works. I quit paying and they tried to scare me into paying but I ignored them and they finally sent me a deed inlieu of foreclosure where u sign it back to them. I am so thankful I read that post. It does not show up on my credit report. I hope this helps someone. I felt so stuck with an over priced vacation for too long. Someone needs to shut them down! West Gate no more!

      1. I just bought into this last year & my first maintenance fee is due. I don’t own the property yet so will this work for me too? I want out!

      2. Hi April,
        I also own at Westgate in Kissimee and can no longer afford the ever increasing maintenance fees. I am thinking about taking your path. What kind of scare tactics did they use?

  35. G.P. says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    January 17, 2015 at 11:22 am

    GP: Asks What Happens Under California Law?
    Hello, we bought a time share in the Lake Tahoe area many years ago, since this is in California I would like to know what happens if I stop paying the yearly maintenance fee which now has climbed to over $400.00 . I am retired and living on my pension and SSI. The Time Share was paid in full many years ago. The main point I would like to point out is they never made it clear about the maintenance fee nor did they make it clear regarding the rescinding time. I don’t want to give another dime to these crooks. We used the time share once many years ago. Any help or information would be most grateful.
    Would appreciate a reply from Baldspot, or Robert and Ron?

  36. Bought a HGVC Timeshare a few years back at a Vegas property. Stopped paying for 4 months after letting them I would do so, and received my Deed in lieu of foreclosure . Live in Canada so this probably expedited the process. Thought I would share. Simply stop paying if you can’t afford no longer.

    1. Thanks for this information we are in the same situation and trying to decide what to do about our timeshare in Kissimmee Florida.

    2. We’re Canadians with 2 HGVC timeshares but want to get out of it. When you stopped paying, did it show on your credit at all? Did you financed through their financing?

  37. Hi, I just bought a timeshare in Westgate on December 2014 and I tried canceling and they didn’t accept it because it was after the recession period. Reading over state laws it says I would need to pay a deficiency when it’s foreclosed. Can they put a lien on a house? I feel like the salesperson did something’s against Nevada state law when doing the sale. I am planning to not pay it. My husband didn’t put his social, can they go after him? I live in NY so I’m unfamiliar. Should I hire an attorney? Everyone is telling me I should but I don’t want to. I wouldn’t want it to hit my credit because I’m planning to buy an apartment this year. Please if anyone is familiar or bumped on to this please let me know.

  38. We purchased a Sampler Package at Diamond Resort last July 2014 in Las Vegas worth $2800. After a month, we tried to cancel it but they refuse. Aside from the $330 dollar down payment, we haven’t paid them anything yet. We live in Toronto Canada, will our credit score be affected if we continue to ignore their calls and letters?

        1. Hi Jun,

          I am from Hamilton, canada. I took the sampler package to hawaii and got roped into getting 15,000 points. I an a cancer survivor and also had concussion resulting from a slip and fall that occurred in 2011.
          I have paid up until April 2015 my monthly loans for 2 units of 15k ech we purchased. we have also paid the maintenance fee for the last 2 yrs
          I am in financial problems and cannot pay these loans which come up to 1000 US dollars a mth. I owe about 56k on these loans.
          I saw ur posting. Can u please let me know if you or the others were able to get out of the loan payment. i cannot afford it. i have a m.i.l. who is 101 yrs old and paying for her in itself is draining us
          If anyone in canada has gotten out of a loan payment with Diamond resorts International successfully please let me know how you went about it.

  39. In October 2012, my boyfriend and I booked a land/cruise vacation to Ft. Lauderdale and the Bahamas, based on an enticing phone call for a low-cost vacation. WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! Once we arrived in FLL, we were quickly told we would not get our cruise tickets unless we went on a 45-minute TS tour through Vacation Village Resorts. As we had no choice, we attended the TS tour at Mizner Place in Weston, Fl. The resort was beautiful and the unit was gorgeous. We were told the 2BR units went for up to $40K but we were able to get a bankruptcy resale unit for ONLY $10K, with a $1500 deposit and a monthly mortgage payment of $194. The bi-annual MF is approx. $800.00. So, caught up like many other people, I’m ashamed to admit that we eventually got suckered into purchasing this 2BR lockout even year unit for week 39 (not a good week but what did we know), which we couldn’t use it until 2014. After almost 2yrs of monthly payments, we finally went to our TS in Sept. 2014, using only the A-side, and locking off the B-side unit and depositing it with RCI for a week’s future use. While we were there, we were invited to a special breakfast, which ended up being yet another TS proposal to upgrade to the RCI points system. We had been toying with the idea of selling it back to the resort, as we were not able to use it like we thought and not getting our money’s worth. Truth be told, we could have paid for any vacation for what this was costing us per year. We were informed that selling it back was not an option as it was not paid off in full. They told us that by changing over to the points system, we would have many more options to use it or trade for another resort. We were trapped and felt like we had no choice but to try to work with it by changing to the points system. Reluctantly, we upgraded to points, changing to prime week 13, at an additional cost of $700, which increased our monthly mortgage payment to $287. Since then my boyfriend lost his job and his unemployment insurance just ran out, no extensions either. My salary just doesn’t cover all of our monthly expenses, much less this useless TS expense. I am so miserable that we ever bought this albatross. IS IT TRUE I COULD JUST STOP PAYING ALL TOGETHER? We do realize that we would be in default of the mortgage. I’m not thrilled with having my credit ruined for 10 yrs, as we eventually wanted to try to buy real property. But saving almost $4300 a yr in payments over 10 yrs is a nice down payment for a future purchase. We don’t own anything so I’m not worried about having any assets seized. Could my salary be garnished by a court order to pay? PLEASE HELP US!!! WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS BALL & CHAIN AROUND OUR NECKS!!!

    1. Did you get an answer to this. I am in the same boat. My husband died and I cannot afford the “loan” payment which is a balance of 20,000, and the monthly maintenance fee is 81.00. I want to stop paying it all together, but I am worried about the same things you are worried about. I do own a home, I live just on SSI. I don’t know what to do, this is killing me.

    2. You are so lucky believe me let me tell you MY story
      I ended up buying a 3 bed unit at mystic dunes 10 years ago and my biggest complaint ( like nearly everybody here) was the NON AVAILABILITY of other resorts for exchange on interval.com( another bunch of con merchants
      My second complaint are the maintenance charges which are now $3000 BUCKS per year! Yes you heard that right. Hence why I have arrived at this website today . And thank God I did because I found the answer: I AM GOING TO CUT MY LOSSES AND STOP PAYING AND RUN.
      PS. if today , right now , EVERYBODY stopped paying these exorbitant maintenance charges these pyramid scams would collapse

  40. What will happen if I stop paying my timeshare, both monthly payments and maintenance fees If I don’t live in the USA and have no form of credit whatsoever there? I only have a checking account at Citibank from which they charge all the fees. I live in Venezuela and we are going through a very hard finantial crisis that has sent exchange rates to the roof and we can’t afford to pay them anymore. We bought a timeshare with Westgates resorts in 2013 in Orlando Florida. Our first maintenance fee is due this month. I am very worried about this, please, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

  41. I’ve read all the post, and still I’am confused. Has anyone been able to get out of a ts without ruining their credit? This seems so crazy. I have a ts share with diamond resorts. They totally lied to me. Dealing with the company has been a nightmare. I could go on and on, but I just want out. I would love so sound advice on what I should do. thanks. If I get any good info. I will pass it on.

  42. I bought a time share from Avalon – which is now defunct and the CEO convicted and incarcerated. A new company, MIA, has contacted me to let me know they now “own” the timeshare. I have emailed them and requested information in writing – like who they are and what their address is, etc., but they do not respond. I get phone calls, but I refuse to take them and have repeatedly informed MIA I will only communicate by email or written mail, so as to retain a record of my correspondence. My timeshare is paid, but I do not wish to continue paying maintenance fees. I just want them/it to go away. Am I obligated to some new company with whom I do not have a contract, to pay them fees?

  43. I bought a timeshare for Florida almost 20 years ago and paid principal off in full 11 years ago. I recently applied to refinance home. And have not paid them any maintenance fees or 1 cent since. After credit check by bank, I learned the resort placed a balance with one credit reporting agency as a foreclosure late LAST YEAR. That is 10 YEARS after my last payment to pay off the mortgage. My credit is perfect with the other 2 reporting agencies. The guy at the bank said that I cannot get a loan at the low rates which would save me tons of money and allow me to pay off home mortgage in less years. Because of this one ding listed seemingly erroneously as a foreclosure. There must be a law about the time they they have to report the maintenance fees to agencies. Please help with advice. Thanks.

  44. I purchased a Wyndham 105K annual points timshare for $21K and $54/month maintenance fee on 10/16/2014 in Las Vegas, with some bonus points and free vacation days. Here are the lies that were told to me:
    1) It only costs about 30,000 points to purchase an return international travel ticket.
    – after I checked with the saleman 10 days later through email, he mentioned to me that I was confused with some RCI international fee rate – which was never even mentioned in the presentation. What I found was that 105K cannot even purchase one-half of a domestic ticket.
    2) 10-15 days of vacation stays in any Wyndham resorts, anytime, any location.
    – What I found out later is that 105K cannot even get to 3 to 5 days for 1BR in most Wyndham locations. When I emailed and asked about it, the saleman’s answer was 10-15 days can be achieved through RCI, which was not told to me.
    3) Can rent the vacation days out
    – which I heard later is not true.
    4) Can use Wyndham Visa card reward points from paying routine house bills to pay off maintenance fee ($54 per month).
    – later I found I would have to spend roughly $5,000 per month to get there.
    5) Was not told the 5-day cancellation period
    – later I found out it was written in the contract

    I have not made any payment yet. There was a no-interest 6 month downpayment of $7,200 through paypal and a financing plan of 120 payments at 13% (roughly). They also said that this financing can be changed to another plan with a much lower interest when they asked me if I had good credit which I answered yes.

    Would appreciate any advice here. Thanks.

  45. Wow! I’m so glad to have found this sight!!! I agree with Bald Spot and Robert! TS is the biggest waste of money and impossible to get rid of! My husband and I had 3 timeshares, and in 2009 we were able to unload one them to Diamond Resort for one of theirs. No actual property, just points. We were paying somewhere around $257. a month on a $10,000. loan. Every year the maintenance fees would double! In 2012 we quit paying on the loan and maintenance fees. They called atleast 20 times a day, sent letters, etc. We never answered the calls and ignored the letters. It definitely went on our credit report, but since we weren’t going to be making any major purchases in the next few years, we felt it’s better to just let them ding our credit and start rebuilding our credit scores. Our credit scores are in the 700’s. We were even able to just refinance our house, and the timeshare had no affect. We are so glad we walked away! What made us walk away from Diamond Resort was the story on Undercover Boss. They showed the owner driving his vet, his huge mansion, etc. I was furious! Then he pays off one of his employees debts to the tune of $50,000!!! Who paid for all that, and IS paying for it??? We the gullable timeshare owners!!! On the down side, we still own a TS at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, FL. We have a deed on that property, so we are kind of leary as to what may happen. Things are really shakey at my husbands work, and just decreased his salary by $900. a month. Our ts payments are $317.25 a month. Any body out there walked away from Orange Lake and what happened, and what we can expect should we walk away? I will say, our maintenance fees are still under $1,000. a year. Diamond Resort was almost that in the few short years we owned with them. Please feel free to comment!

    1. Are you a U,S citizen or Canadian. I have two loans with them. Like you i have financial crunch going on and cannot pay it. pls let me know where u live

      1. I found this website last year, and based on all that I read, I stopped paying on our Orange Lake property in January. 6 months of hassle, then long story short. They did a Deed in Lieu. Bam! Done, no more headaches. Had I known it would be that easy, I’d have done it years ago! My credit wasn’t affected at all!

    2. Please read my comments made earlier above .
      I should have mentioned that I own 2 deeded properties at mystic dunes , FL which initially cost me $23000 which I am now going to loose . But it’s ok as over the next TEN years I will have paid diamond resorts $30000 in maintenance charges . WOW

  46. I am brazilian and bought a time share of Westgate Resort in Florida in June of this year. I paid 1,5k dollars, the total value was 10,5k dollars; last saturday I called to aks the debt and for my surprise It was 9,750. Then I got desesperated to get out of it. The taxes and fees are incredble high and plus my mom got sick and we are spending a lot of Money on her treatment.
    I am affraid to stop paying and be not allowed to get in USA again, would that be possible?
    What about if someday my company send me to live in USA, anyone knows if I could be “blocked” to live in USA or would I have problems to get my Social Security?
    What about Brazil? Can they issue me down here?
    I appretiate comments and help.

    1. Hi Sgtaline,

      I’m Brazilian as well and bought a Time Share of Vacation Village at Parkway in Orlando in March 2014. I decided stop paying the principal and their huge annual maintenance fees. I’m also concerned about problems to get in USA in the future. I would like to know how did you solve it.

      Thanks, Luis

      1. What did you find out Luis? This is where we own and they have been a nightmare to deal with. We are considering not paying the maintenance fee as that is all we owe, we are Canadian and don’t want any issues with border crossing etc.
        Take Care Kathy

  47. Hi, I have owned a timeshare week at Westgate Resorts in Orlando since 2007. It was paid off in full at the time and I now only pay the yearly maintenance fee which is around 1000 dollars a year. What will happen if I stop paying these fees as I no longer want to be any part of a timeshare. Do they eventually stop hassling you for the money? As I live in the UK will it affect my credit rating in the UK? and do you think I will be refused entry to the USA because my name will be on a bad USA credit rating list? Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.

  48. I got a timeshare at Kahana beach resort in 2007 . I live in Arizona and I cannot pay the remaining amount owed and the maintenance fees as I have lost my job and owe the IRS a considerable amount of money. What do I do? I don’t own any property and I have an old truck. What happens if I can’t pay them any more?

    1. has anyone stopped paying on their timeshare in maui hawaii , we have not paid in 3 months and can not afford this any longer please some one help

        1. Unfortunately, Hawaii is one of the few states with judicial foreclosure procedures which mean the Court is involved and costs are higher. States that have non judicial, anti deficiency laws are so much easier as you can tell them to foreclose and all they can get on the claim is what they get for the timeshare. They can try to sue for Breach of Contract but many avoid this because of costs and unknown risks of counter suit and even losing the case.

          The best defense I have seen is to find definitions of maintenance. Timeshares tell you that this money is to maintain the property yet the fee amount just doesn’t make any sense. If you pay as an example 1200 for your week, you mean to tell me that it costs 51 k a year to maintain 1/52 of a unit and 1/52 divided by all units for common areas? Ask them to break down your ACTUAL cost and then tell them your are t paying because you were deceived to think that this cost is to maintain your share only.

          The math makes no sense on any of them. You are surely paying more than what it costs to maintain your share and that is not cool.

          Good luck with it.

          Have a look at your contract.

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