Vacation Village At Parkway – A Timeshare Review

If you want a frightening experience, go to the sales presentation of Vacation Village at Parkway in Kissimmee, Florida.

I was promised that since I was an owner at Vacation Village that I did not need to hear the sales pitch, but instead, I was strong armed with threatening talk about my deeded week timeshare. The sales person I spoke with stated that I could no longer trade the timeshare I owned at Vacation Village, and that I had to go on my exact week at my home resort no exception. He said I had to sign this paper stating that understood this, and that I was not willing to change to points.

parkway village timeshare in florida

At this time he also told me about the RCI law suit, and yet I was never notified. I stated that it is the responsibility of the resorts that sold weeks to notify their owners about the lawsuit, and that they failed to protect their owners in this case, and therefore, I would consult with my attorney over what my rights are. He immediately started back peddling and said, “Well, you just don’t have as much option as points.” He was going for a hard sell all the way.

I then went to where I was meant to fill out the survey and was attacked again by the same salesman. When I stated I don’t care what he has to say, I am not interested and stop harassing me, he got up and left to get the paperwork for my $20 refund. He stated that I was getting the discounted tickets for listening to the presentation. At that point I told just give me my refund, and that nothing was worth what I was going through.

The initial sales person then left, and the financial person came and started going over my ownership. I told him that I am well aware of my financial situation and did not need his advice, and got angry again. I felt that I was being mentally attacked by these people and wanted to leave. I got up when the next attacker called a “manager” came up and started harassing me. What is this!!

I want everyone to know how they treat single senior women. They need to be reported to the police, and I may do that. Finally, the first salesperson returned and said he was taking me down to get my refund and was giving me $100, well this turned out to be a lie. He only gave me $80 and my $20 deposit back.

I could not eat the lunch that had been offered because of the sale attack that stated the minute we got into the car. The lunch was a frightening experience. Last, but not least, the final attacker sat down with me after the first salesperson left and stated he reports all incidents back to the board. Doubt that this is true as he was not interested in what had happened. When he learned I had only been there 2 hours he thought that was good.

When being attacked at a place that you already own a resort timeshare it shows just how bad and desperate these people are. Stay away. Do not buy. Bugs in units, unit falling apart, and it was the newest building. Stay away from Vacation Village at Parkway.

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  1. They are criminals…i am looking for people who want to file a civil lawsuit against these people..
    All they did was lie, after lie…and hold you hostage!

  2. This just happened to us. We were checking in and we were told that since we were already RCI members that we would have a free breakfast, hear some updates, and be able to ask any questions regarding our rci membership. We paid the $20 deposit for breakfast. We were promised $100 in refund. We went to the place went to breakfast. Right then I knew it was a sales pitch. I told our sales lady that this is not what I signed up for. We looked at the new rooms and went back to be grilled by her and her supervisor. Then we went downstairs to leave and were met with a third person we had to say no to 3 more times. SCAM…. Plus this is the second time we have exchanged and stayed at a Vacation Village, both times there was no option not to waste a half day of our vacation by being pressured. It also seems that if you exchange with RCI I feel we always get the run down old buildings on the property. that is def the case with both of the Vacation Village properties we have stayed at. In Kissimmee and Weston.

  3. I went with my family to get information about the time share. The realtor that assigned me to was very friendly, she laughed too loud and she was eager to sell. All of the information sound too goo to be true, and I have always believed that if it sounds too good to be true it usually isn’t. The timeshare they showed me me was absolutely amazing. They offered me several prices and each time I refused the price they came down on their prices. I asked myself if they are really honest why not give the better bargain the first time around and the final price they gave me sound absolutely too good and red flags went up. They passed me around to several people using their sales gemics. They took us on a tour and out to breakfast in their personal cars and at the end of the day after spending about 5 hours with them they took us back on a bus to our car and didn’t tell us that we would be boarding a bus to get back to our car. They separate you from your car so you are stuck with them. Thanks Marcie

  4. My wife and I just returned from Fort Lauderdale after one of these “great deals.” We toured the Vacation Village location in Weston Florida on Sept. 18, 2017. Having done our research, and having been through a number of these “great opportunities” before, my wife and I were utterly uninterested in purchasing. We were, however, a captive audience because we had paid a reduced rate for a cruise and Bahama Island stay with the caveat that we had to attend a timeshare presentation. Little did we realize that it would be a five hour presentation. In that five hours Vacation Village started their presentation with the kindly elderly lady working to make money in her retirement. Before we were sent off with her, we all had to meet in a room as a group where a very energetic, disingenuous woman gave an over the top sales pitch about how great an investment opportunity we were being given…”BS.” Then our elderly host took us on a tour, and sat us down to talk price. Shortly after we were told the $32,000 price tag, she brought over another younger lady…the financial person to give us some additional incentives to buy. She knocked $4,000 off, bringing us down to $28,000. All we needed to do was give a healthy down payment of around $4 grand, and sign on to 17.9% financing for 5 years, and it would be all ours. At which point I did the math and pointed out how much money they’d be making on that wonderful deal, and how I thought that was a bad investment. Response, well you can refinance it with a credit union. More BS. Then she discussed the $1200 a year maintenance fees…that’s $1200 per week owned, she was trying to rope us into 2 weeks, which would amount to $2400 a year on top of the monthly payments for 5 years. To sweeten the pot, they offered us an 84 month payment plan…not sure how financing longer at a high interest rate is supposed to be a benefit to us, but that’s what they offered. So we said “no.” Then we got the next great offer. We could buy one week for $10,000, still finance for 84 months at 17.9% interest, and still pay the $1200 a year in maintenance fees. What a bargain 😉 So we said “no.” So at this point they bring in the closer…this is the final guy with the best deal that can be had. Final offer made, $2995 for one week, every other year. Wow, how could we turn them down, after all it was a rock bottom price. We turned them down, pointing out how much cheaper we could get the same week on line. I’ve seen these going for as little as a $100 on ebay. Of course I knew this going in, so it was pretty easy to say “no” and walk away. The hard part, waiting 5 hours for them to get to the point, so that we could get the deal that we had paid money for. I’ve seen people criticizing others for turning the scam around on these timeshare scammers. Here’s my response…these people have a planned course of action. Usually its a three tiered approach. If the first, kindly person can’t sell it to you, then they bring in number two, who’s a little pushier and more aggressive. And if that person still can’t convince you, in walks number three who will say or do anything they feel necessary to prevent you from walking out that door without buying. Its a business with a very specific model. So don’t feel the least bit guilty saying no. Don’t feel the least bit guilty taking the free stuff. These folks are paid very well for their work. They are taught the job, and they know the game. If you’re playing the game, then play by your rules not theirs. Feel free to scam the scammers.

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