10 Steps to Successfully Rescind Timeshare

Steps to successful timeshare rescission

If you were unfortunate enough to buy timeshare as a result of high pressure sales techniques or misrepresentation of information you do have options. Even though you have signed a legally binding contract there are protections in place for timeshare buyers that change their minds during the “cooling off” period that follows a sale. An unhappy or misdirected timeshare buyer should be able to file for a rescission of timeshare property purchased given that the following 10 steps are followed:

  1. Take time to record the details of the timeshare presentation you attended. Important features to note are: location, time of day, date, names of those present, misrepresentation of facts, and ways/instances you were pressured.
  2. Use the information you recall and have recorded to write a detailed and concise letter specifically asking for the rescission of your timeshare contract. Be sure to make a copy for yourself, your lawyer, your credit card company/bank (depending on method of payment), and the Federal Trade Commission.
  3. State in the letter that you will be contacting the timeshare resort company in two days to confirm receipt and to provide credit card info for a full refund.
  4. Mail copies of your letter to the customer service manager, sales manager, and owner of the resort/organization in question. If you do not have this information readily available you may be able to search their website for it (if they have one ) or you can call the customer service hot line provided with your purchasing information.
  5. Send your rescission request via registered mail with confirmation receipt, by email, and by fax. This assures it will be received by the desired parties.
  6. Call the customer service manager in charge two days after sending out your letter. Do not speak to anyone other than the customer service manager unless they are of a higher position in the resort/organization. Continue to call back until you are able to speak with someone with authority and at this point request a full refund, including your initial deposit.
  7. Remember to keep calm throughout this process. Be persistent, but remain polite – getting worked up or arguing will most likely delay the process.
  8. Try to stay focused on the rescission and avoid a lengthly discussion of how you feel you were wronged. Getting into such a negative discourse will tear your focus from the rescission and refund process and ultimately delay the progress.
  9. A company or resort will want your contract back once a refund and rescission is made final. Make sure to keep a copy of the contract for your records and when the contract is sent back, attach a letter stating that it is being returned on the condition of rescission.
  10. Upon resolution of your rescission, contact the authorities and anyone involved with your visit to the resort presentation.

Unsure if you are still in the timeshare rescission window? Read Timeshare Rescission Laws for Each US State to find out.

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  1. I bought with club wyndham on 8/31/19 an called on 9/4 and asked about rescinding they just gave me address never said jack about only havin 5 day so i sent certified mail on 9/6 an then i called an they said day late an im stuck any can help me

    1. Same thing happened to me in 2/2017. I was told I was 1-2 days too late to cancel my contract. Just today 10/2019, I received a letter from Wyndham informing me my request to rescind my contract has been completed and my refund check is in the mail. It only took over a year to get free from this nightmare. I definitely will be checking the mailbox until my refund check arrives. Good Luck to you.

  2. I just signed up yesterday afternoon for their “The Land and Sea Extended Hotel Getaway” = 4day 3 nights for $199 + a “3 or 4 or 5 night cruise” sometime after you & wife listen to our 2 hour presentation “sometime during your 4day 3 night vacation!!!
    He also threw in “$75 gift card”!!!!! Said “more to come after you listen to our presentation”!!

    Shame on me!! “Too good to be true etc etc etc”!!

    My question is since I signed this yesterday afternoon can I VERBALLY get out of it by simply calling them along with my credit card company OR do I need to put it all in writing??

  3. I had no idea that there were so many steps to canceling a timeshare. I like that you recommend keeping a copy of the contract and calling the company within 2 days for a refund. I know that if I ever end up needing to cancel a timeshare I can refer back to this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I would recommend NOT calling because they will just try to talk you out of your decision. Just follow the instructions on the contract for rescinding and do it by certified mail (so you have proof). Do not accept any calls from numbers you do not know for the next several weeks.

    2. Me and my husband have gotten in a mess these timeshares are horrible they worry you to death it messes up our vacation time every year wanting you to add on it’s aweful the money it cost if you go through it we are not rich just want out

    3. Derek Dewitt was representing timeshare termination team when they have gone MIA on all their clients and ripped them off. SCAM

  4. I sent a withdrawal letter with in my legal time frame. How do I know if my time share has been canceled?

  5. Greetings. I am terribly worried over my parents who were highly pressured into a resort club membership in the Dominican Republic last Friday. After a very confusing engagement, they only realized they got caught up in a full timeshare after signing. There were several items that are mentioned verbally that did not materialize in the contract. It ruined the end of their 40th wedding anniversary trip and their first vacation to an all inclusive island resort. Further to this, my fathers health has been impacted as a result of the shock and stress. We are terribly worried as the costs cannot be taken on. Tomorrow (Sunday April 2nd) will be day 3 since signing. I can’t find any protection laws for the Dominican either. My next steps were better business bureau. They have paid a deposit with next instalments coming in May. Please help us! The amount of lies hey sat through were unbelievable! Thank you very much!

    1. what did they promise your parents ? gifts , perks, vouchers. how long did they say the presentation was going to last compared to how long your parents were actually there?…please explain any discrepancies between what they were told they were buying and what they ended up with on paper…explain how the developer described maintenance fees ? were they told they were locked in or would increase or decrease?
      did the developer tell your parents about their right to rescission or canceling period?
      is there any other misrepresentation that you can recall?

  6. Has anyone had success getting out of a Welk’s agreement? And who in these organizations is the decision maker for this kind of cancellation issues? trying to figure out who to write a letter to.

    1. If you call Granite Consulting at [redacted] they will be able to tell you what you should do.

  7. I have a similar case. We bought ours with Westin Vacations back in Nov. 2016. We got swayed by the enticing presentation, decided on impulse without doing our math and some further investigation, a very very horrible and stupid decision I admit. Now they’re charging us maintenance fees for 2016 when the contract is supposed to start 2017. There were also so many fees and details that were not clearly explained. And on top of that you cannot even make a reservations on the resort and dates that you want because there is simply no availability. You will only find availability on on off seasons, in short on the dates that you most likely will not want to travel. When I found out about this early January, I started contacting people in their company to tell them I want to terminate the contract and enumerated all my reasons. It took me almost 3 weeks to finally be able to reah the right department and get a reply. Someone called me and said they cannot terminate the contract because what I am claiming is not true and bec the contract has been recorded. I have argued with the person for at least 45 mins over the phone and she was very tough in saying it is not possible and that they did not do anything wrong. Such a terrible and stupid decision I have ever made in my entire life. But I am not going to stop. I took a screen shot of my dashboard showing the fees and the sample reservations attempt showing 0 availabilities. I want to seek the help of a lawyer but I do not want to spend that much. I have disputed my payments with my cc but I’m very scared of what this will do to my credit if the loan is not cancelled. Can anyone help me with a good lawyer who will be able to help me without causing me an arm & a leg? I would appreciate a good reco pls. Thanks in adv. I have been under extreme stress for the past 3 weeks.

  8. We had a timeshare since 1998 my friend whose selling timeshare insisted for us to buy from Monarch Grand Vacation she said if we dont want it she will buy it. After fourth day I called but the she never called me back so I called the co. but they said waiting period is done 3 days had elapsed I never did want it but we didnt have a choice so we upgraded to MGV actually we seldom used it then it become Diamond Resort the lady who sold us told us to upgrade it to DR so we can sell it cuz it DR has a bigger value than MGV and we can even profit the interest was so high so we pay cash then we realize the association fee keep increasing and we cant even sell it either for timeshare has no value how can we get out from this hoping we can also get some money we never used them for theres always no room/vacancy. We cant used the one they are saying we can use for cruise with my point i still have to put $8000. for the four of us. HELP im desperate its time for the association fee and its too much almost $2000. for a pt of 8500 this is a rip off. HELP

  9. I’m thinking of rescinding my timeshare which I just bought yesterday. The thing I’m wondering about is whether that means my closing costs goes down the drain if I rescind my contract. Anybody out there knows what happens in this case?

    1. Check towards the end of your purchase contract, there should be explicit instructions on the terms of the rescission including penalties. In California it’s 7 days from signing and no costs to you (except your time). Check it (& act) quickly!

  10. I sent my included Rescind Letter today, registered mail, within the cool off period. Whew, glad I did. Sad too, though, we do need to get out more. After the dust settles, I’ll consider buying second hand timeshare points or something somehow…

  11. My husband and i just purchased a time share through wyndham grandview las vegas. At the moment it felt good but now I can’t even sleep i will send in a letter hopefully is not to late.. what reasons do I need to put down so that this membership can be cancelled?? I gave $350 for down payment i dont really care if they give it back or not. I just need this to end after reading all of the bad reviews i want out

  12. I signed with RCI and Legacy, its past the cooling off period, but i havent paid the down payment yet. Does that mean the contract is still valid? should i just cancel the card and not pay? would that cancel my contract?

    1. I wish someone would answer this question for us. I really need to get out of ours due to my health issues. Im thinking of not making the payment but gosh I have a feeling its going to look bad on our credit report. Anyone out there with an answer for us?

  13. Long story short, we’re going through the same thing these people are going through. Tomorrow is the fifth day and we’re still here in Cancun until afternoon so I’m hoping I can get all of this taken care of before we have to leave for the airport.

    I’ll post a comment again to let you know how it went. Thank you for posting this information. God bless.

  14. Hello, Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

    Long story short my husband and I became members of the Unlimited Vacation Club in Mexico. I was able to send a letter to the company to rescind my contract within the five days. Now I’m receiving phone calls from the representative that assisted us telling me that if I cancel an addition 25% will be owed. In addition, the representative is telling me that I cannot rescind the contract because it was a final sale that I purchased from a previous owner. I feel very confused then he’s telling me that he would lower the monthly payments. It all sounds too fishy is he trying to delay the process? What are my options who exactly do i have to speak to, to end this nightmare.

  15. When I give them a reason for Rescission; is it safe to mention that I have punched the numbers in my personal books etc. and I am just not ready for the financial burden right now? Or will that weaken my case?

  16. Can I get out of this time share after the recession period I have no money down yet but I signed the contract on 7/17/2016? Please give advice, thank you.

    1. Yes you can! It will take some work. You should try to do it yourself. It’s not that difficult. Getting help from one of these online companies is risky and expensive. They only do what you would have to do anyway and you risk getting scammed. Lots of scams in the timeshare industry.

      1. How do i rescind my timeshare contract, after the rescission period. Please explain. Purchased 10/01/2016 .financed through Westgate, not deeded yet. During presentation they said, it will take 6-8 weeks to get deeded, now they say up to a year to get it deeded.

  17. Can I get out of this time share after the recession period I have no money now yet but I signed the contract on 7/17/2016?

  18. We were as well victims of west gate .
    Got suckered into a meeting and once there could not get out for five hours.
    The salesmen said
    ” I know it supposed to be an hour informative meeting but to be honest I don’t have much time so I’m going to speed thru this part quickly .

    I saw no speeding at all
    They keep at you and almost make you feel stupid for passing up the great deal .
    And oh yes
    Any where you want to go Paris wherever .
    Except just having a place to stay is only part of the expense.

    After three hours and my hubby got suckered in I was so angry

    I told mr sales rep

    You know what

    I’m freaking out right now I don’t feel good about this we can not afford any more debts right now

    When I said
    I’m panicking he looks at me and goes

    Like I was a nutcase .
    I told my hubby right in front of him that we do not make decisions without thinking it over one night .

    My Hubby looks at me and says

    No I want to do this

    I could have thrown him out of his chair and jumped up and down

    Really mr rich bags
    Last I heard we were not rich and could not afford big things right now

    By the time we went to the office to do a second rounds of paperwork

    I told them
    You know what
    I’ve just spent a whole day of our three day vacation and I’m just done
    I’m tired and I want out of here

    They rushed the papers
    Salesmen gave us a 1000 dollar trip spending cars and six night free at a hotel

    But when we canceled the next morning he must have quickly made sure card was stopped

    I figure all I went thru and all his bull shit and wasting my vacation and getting me so upset we left early
    He should have gave us that card
    I wish I knew the legal stuff about lies cause I would have went back thrown it all in his face and told him

    She ruined our vacation

    You at least owe us the card to do another vacation

    We did get a some sort of iPad but not Apple
    It was Spose to be used in trip planning
    They told us to keep it as well as the six free hotel stays

    Problem is you have to book way in advised and let them tell you if there is any around that are vacant

    I bet if we did they would make sure there was never nothing available

    I should have known better
    My hubby believed everything
    But I’m glad that there are companies like you to help ppl get out of this game

    1. I just brought it about 11days ago I been talk to a Sale man I feel uncomtable to do it on Day10, the reason why I want to cancel I ask them for my membership number when I gonna get it I can set up my username and try to plan for next vacation but he told me it gonna be 30-45 days but I told him that it gonna be late for I make first payment I want to know what day I can make a payment but he can’t help me with that and many things I feel uncomtable to keep it, and I ask him on Day10 I want to cancel he said if you want to cancel will be today the last day you can but he can’t help me anything he just sale not for cancel it was pain I can’t find any number to cancel and any number can’t connect and then today I can call one number post on some website I can get chance to talk to someone they said it was too last it already 11 days you own it Can’t cancel!!!!!! that was pain!!!I don’t know what to do

      1. I got exactly your experience I spend 6 hrs there on the date they sale me this time share and I get 100$ Visa card

    2. Of course you’re not going to get the $1000 dollars if you cancel. Why would it make sense to give you $1000 dollars if you didn’t even end up sticking with your purchase. Also you don’t have to feel dumb or sit and listen to the sometimes asinine sales reps you have free agency so you’re welcome to walk out whenever.

  19. Does anyone know if the rescission period by state is that for where the property is located or where you purchased the property. So if I attend a resort in CA bought the in CA but the property site was in FL, do I adhere to the terms of CA or FL>

    1. I just sent off my letters. A lawyer helped me write the letter. Thank you Dina Farhat,Esquire of Corona. We gave her $100 for her time! Even though she told us no charge. Hope we don’t need her for an outright war with the timeshare!

      1. Hello choops, I purchased a time share in November 2016 and I want to cancel it asap. But I was looking into the timeshare attorneys my question is are they leggit or just scam and take your money. I’m going crazy and stressing plz help

  20. Thanks for the information! After reading your article I was able to successfully get my timeshare rescinded. I purchased a timeshare from Playa Grande de Cabo Resort in Mexico. Luckily I was still under the cooling off period. I quoted their law, article 56 of the FEDERAL CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW. And I was able to get a complete refund. The Federal Consumer Protection Law can be found at the following link http://www.profeco.gob.mx/juridico/pdf/l_lfpc_06062006_ingles.pdf. Thanks again!

    1. Steven Where is the clause you a referring to? I am trying to cancel something I feel I was coerced into.

    2. Hi Steven. Did they ask for your contract back? If so, we’re u able to make a copy? We rescinded ours today for grand solmar and they gave us a statement for credit refund and they took the contract. However, we forgot to make a copy out of the contract.

    3. Please give me a guide how I can cancel mine, I was pain I try to cancel before 10 days but today already 11 days they said it too late I already own it!!!! so pain

    4. Just wondering if there is anything in the Federal consumer protection law for after the 5 days, for being misrepresenting false information?

  21. I broke up with my girlfriend two weeks AFTER we upgraded our DIAMOND RESORTS vacation ownership. The down payment was paid and they wrapped the first contract into the upgrade,so its one contract now. We’ve contacted a few legal firms that specialize in legally cancelling the contract. The first company wants $8K for their services (which is based on our loan amount and maintenance fees). They will assist in credit recovery, because the maintenance fee is past due and now the monthly’s are past due also. Another company I’m receiving a quote from today.

    This contract is the worst financial decision I’ve ever made,and I just want out – not only for my credit, but to get this relationship to a closure. I fully regret this vacation thing.

    Has anyone ACTUALLY contacted legal companies to do this for them?

    1. Hi Rosa, I’m in a similar situation. I have a Diamond Resort Ownership as well. I recently got divorced and was left with the ownership. I’m trying to get out of it to. In April 2016, I was at a owners meeting and was asking the Diamond Rep’s about how to get out of the ownership. No one was trying to even hear me all they was interested in was upgrading. I finally ended up calling the loan department and as able to talk to someone and he was a little truthful than any one else. He told me that Diamond dose not have any program that helps with the resale of their timeshare if you still owe. they can only offer directions if it’s paid in full. He also said that “You could try to sell it, on craigslist or eBay. It would be a good thing to write them a letter and explain your circumstances but not in total details. i have been searching for solutions to get rid of mine and the only real thing that’s out there is to write them and advise them that I will not be making anymore payments.

    2. My husband and I just did the same thing.We upgraded to Diamond. We sent out our letters. Does this mean since our Monarch is wrapped up in this contract that it might be cancelled too?! Or is that wishful thinking? ????

    1. Is the time share bureau like attorneys or what. I need help getting out of mine so bad but I don’t know if the attorneys are a scam or wat to do

  22. My Ex Girlfriend and I have an (RCI Points) account and would like to get out of it as it is a sour spot (with my current GF) and we use it maybe once every year between us. We have had an account since 2010 I believe and REALLY want to get out of it.

    I believe this year is our renewal thing? What are the best steps to move forward to start this “process” or whatever to get me out of this? I see so many answers, I know all cases are different but any information helps at this rate.

    I’d like to get out ASAP and have a new financial freedom and life from all this.

    Thank You!

  23. My wife and I got a timeshare at welk in San Diego we are passed the cool down period and want out is there anything we can do to get out of this. I don’t care about the money we put down I just want out. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

    1. Hi Peter,

      You have several options, but they depend on your situation. You could walk away. Just stop paying. But you should only do this if you are unconcerned about affects to your credit. You will take a hit walking away. You could try to sell it, but there is NO COMPANY that can sell your timeshare for you. They have no value. Timeshare resale companies are a total ripoff. Beware. There are companies who claim you can donate your timeshare to a charitable organization. Another scam, I’m afraid. What charitable organization would want a worthless piece of property and assume the ongoing debt associated with it? None. Hiring a lawyer is an options. Your attorney would make the case the the timeshare company used unfair trade practices to get you to sign the contract. But it will cost you a fortune. You are stuck with it unless you have the contract cancelled legally. Do not use a title transfer company. Contact me by email if you need further assistance. Good luck.

      1. I am a paralegal. My wife contracted with RCI 5 years ago. Is there any self-help advice you could give me in rescinding the agreement. I am so wary of lawyers (because I have worked for them).

      2. hi me and my husband want to rescind our RCI that we bought in Las Vegas two weeks ago but the problem is when i read the contract we can only cancel the contract in 5 days. how can we cancel the contract now?? please help us. thank you

      3. Hi Johnny, we are in the same boat as a lot of others here, owe $2600 in MF and want to get rid of timeshare and get it off of our credit. Do you know of any reputable attorneys that can actually do that? I contacted American Consumer Credit and it will cost $2000 but he said there is a year guarantee, but probably 2-4 months, to get it cancelled and off of our credit. I would pay that if they can actually do that because it is less than the fees that we would have to pay to settle that, and it would still be on the credit for 7 years. Are you familiar with them or with a class action suit? It seems that everyone would be interested in a class action suit but I don’t see where one has been started. Thanks, Fran

      4. Hi Johny

        Me and my partner just recently and stupidly signed a time share contract with the sunset group in Cancun. After flying back to the UK, did a bit or research only to find out that the group is notorious for fraudulent claims and lies.

        I’ve initially put down $3.6k (american dollars) which is from the $9k downpayment. To lure us in, they “upgraded” us into a different hotel gave free tours etc.

        Now, I don’t really mind losing the $3.6k I just don’t want to be in this contract anymore.

        Any advice?

  24. I need to rescind the Vip membership that I paid For in full for a week free vacation at the time share I purchased 2 days ago that they said would freeze the rate if I decided to buy within 18 months. I am following advice above because I am not interested now and expect a full refund. Please advise with other advise that might help me. Thanks.

  25. While every case is different. You need to be firm with companies like this. Never once did I let them scare me into paying. They threatened collection agencies and foreclosure. Be aware that I was prepared to file bankruptcy after they would have paid the extra charges to try to collect on this account. They would have not succeeded in getting any money from me. Westgate Resorts knew this by a letter I faxed them.

    This my story…I didnt even finish paying all my down payment before realizing this company is a scam. I didnt have to pay 3500.00 for Finnlawgroup to have Westgate removed me from my obligations. Westgate Resorts removed me on their own, without foreclosure or any harm to my credit. But for this to happen, I believe your full down payment can’t be made. Which in my case it was not.

    Westgate Resorts Vacation Villas. This company promised me a deal that would have matched the Travel Club I had originally agreed to the year prior. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any info on that deal and took the sales representative (Laurent) and his manager (Tracy) word for it. Once I past the right to rescind, I had heard about Westgate scams. I decided to view the contract and compare it to the travel club. I had realized the same thing happened to me. They charged me 5000.00 more for the timeshare and told me lies to get me out of the Travel Club and into the timeshare. I went to the BBB, worked with a Nancy Emara who was no help at all. She doesn’t work with the customer and is more concerned about people signing a contract than trying to find ways that works for both parties. She could have kept a customer if she would have listened to what I was saying… After never completing my down payment and being 5 months past due. I finally received a notice. I was told verbally that since I didn’t complete my down payment my deed was never recorded. So a foreclosure wouldn’t be done. The letter stated I no longer have any contractual obligations and that Westgate would keep any money paid as liquidated damages. Which is fine by me because I didn’t really pay them anything at all. So is it possible for Westgate to let you out of the contract? Yes it is. I have a letter to prove it. I just belive it’s easier to get out of the contract if your down payment isn’t made.

    1. We are from Quebec, Canada, we own that timeshare at Wesgate Towncenter sincère 2012. We still have a downpayment to pay. Could you please help us get rid of that burden.

    2. I am in the same situation I never finished paying the down payment they left me a threaning voice messages saying the last 4 of my social which by the way I think that’s illegal be leaving personal information on voice mail. I called them for the first time since sept since I signed up and told them I had resign and can’t afford that. Once again I never finished my down payment, but is going to be almost a year and I still haven’t received the letter that they are dropping me for not completieng it.

      1. I have not finished paying my down payment. Can I still get out of this? Do I cancel my bank card and get a new one to stop the future payments?

    3. My roommate fell into buying in with Westgate in Florida as well; however, somehow, my name got on contracts and deed when I signed nothing. Westgate set me up for a paypal account and a westgate credit card account for the down payment. I have paid nothing on the paypal account, and my roommate has paid about $28 on the westgate credit card account. I have contacted westgate requesting documentation of the contract, and each time I get papers sent to my email or my roommate’s email, there is always some discrepancy on dates, names and initials. I have spoken with a law firm who specializes in timeshare cancellation; however, the flat fee is $3,500 to get out of the contract with no guarantee to get out of the pay pal or westgate credit card. Any advice would be appreciated.

    4. I am trying to cancel my contract with West gate as well. They keep debiting my bank account. How do I stop them from doing so? I’ve talked with my bank but West gate keeps telling them they have a contract. I’ve called and they will not let me cancel bc its after the cool down period, which I tried to cancel a week afterwards and was misled by the deed officer from the resort. I just want out of this thing. Any help would be appreciated!

    5. My situation is much worst because I have fully paid off for the timeshare and my maintenance fees are up to date, we have it for a year and never used it…we then realised everything that was promised to us are totally false…could you please help in letting me know how would I be able to cancel and get a full refund, I paid a fortune to list the timeshare on sellmytimesharenow.com 🙁

    6. what if it has already been deeded? I have disputed all my payments. But my fear is my credit will be ruined if the loan is not cancelled and they refuse to cancel it no matter what I tell them.

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